About Us

What it Means to be International Movers In Canada

We are an international freight forwarding company that specializes in international cargo transportation.

There are many things that separate us from other shipping companies:

  • We are located in Canada
  • We specialize in facilitating the moving process for those relocating overseas
  • We have years of knowledge and expertise in freight shipping services
  • We are able to offer premium shipping services and affordable rates to all of our clients looking to transport their vehicles and household goods from Canada

Huli - Your Local Shipping Company

When deciding on a name for our company, we wanted something delicate, yet powerful.

That brought us to the word Huli, which means fox, hence our logo. Foxes are commonly thought of as passionate and intelligent creatures. We have hopes of bringing these qualities to life through the work we carry out every day.

With the option of international sea freight shipping for household items, large furniture and vehicles, or international air freight shipping for your necessities that must arrive quickly, we are sure to move you as efficiently as possible.