International Air Freight Shipping

When shipping your essentials overseas such as your work tools, office equipment, skis, bicycles or clothing, the fastest way to get them to your destination is by our air freight services (generally 2-5 business days).

Despite seeming like the more expensive option in comparison to sea freight, this is not always the case. Depending on your destination and what you are looking to ship, air cargo can be the faster and less expensive option to have your vehicle and household items delivered.

Loose Goods

For your essential items, we can expertly pack them into boxes and send them by air cargo, similar to a courier service. We have a variety of boxes specially designed to best suit your particular international shipping needs.

Whether it is books, plates, kitchenware, sports equipment or shoes, we have you covered with our international shipping services.
Air freight
Shipping pallets

Pallet Shipments

If you are shipping several boxes, we know it would be ideal to keep them together. With our offer of pallet shipments, your items will stay secured together. Our expert staff carefully gathers your items, places them strategically on a pallet to take up the least room possible, then shrink wraps them.

Prices for pallet shipments are calcuated by how many cubic metres the items take up. In placing everything on the pallets to take up the least room possible, our experts save you money.

International Moving Destinations

In order to best facilitate your international moving experience, understanding your needs and the destination country is essential.

The size and budget of your shipment will help us tailor the perfect overseas moving experience, just for you.