Freight forwarding

How to Prepare Your Goods for Ocean Freight

When making the decision to ship your goods through ocean freight, it’s important to know it’s the most cost-effective way to get your belongings weighing over 200 kg overseas.


Preparing Your Goods for the Stress of Ocean Freight


If you have decided on ocean freight as your preferred shipping method, you must understand the stress put on packages during the international shipping process. When exporting goods there are several main issues that are quite common which exporters have to prepare for. These issues include excessive weight issues, breakage, moisture, and theft.

At Huli, when shipping with ocean freight, all goods are packed in containers for the safest shipping. The loading and unloading of these containers onto the vessel is far more secure than the alternatives to containers.


Avoiding Moisture in the Ocean Freight Process


Moisture is found most often when containers are being loaded or unloaded in precipitation. Occasionally, however, condensation accumulates in the location where the containers are held. Ensuring there are covered ports where the containers are loaded and unloaded is a great way to avoid moisture entering the container.

That being said, there are several precautionary steps that can be taken as an exporter. These include:

  • Awareness of hazard labels on your goods
  • Ensuring all packaging and filler used is moisture resistant
  • Shipping in containers whenever possible
  • Properly pack and distribute the weight of your items for the most balanced container possible
  • Ensure your container is properly filled and there is no room for things to move around inside of it
  • Don’t write the contents of your boxed items on the boxes themselves to avoid theft; it would also be wise to use shrink wrap, as well as seals or straps when packing


What is Needed for the Most Protection

Shipping containers are the best way to transport your belongings. Not only for safety, but maximizing the quantity of goods you can ship together.

Due to the weight of the goods being shipped on ocean freight, extra care should be taken when packing. For durable goods, standard packaging is generally adequate. For delicate and fragile goods, however, it’s important to ensure they are properly packed and secured in order to avoid breakage.

The cost of an ocean freight shipment is calculated by volume and weight. In order to accommodate this, there are lightweight and durable packing materials available to minimize the overall volume and weight of your goods.

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