International Freight/Ocean Shipping

As an international shipping company in Canada, we offer many ocean freight transportation options and will help you choose the one that best suits your long-distance shipping requirements. We offer a variety of loading options depending on your needs, including both loading and unloading your shipment for you, in order to provide the most seamless experience possible for all of our clients.

Once the best container size is selected for the belongings you would like to ship, we will be able to confirm shipping dates so you know approximately when your goods will arrive.

Full Container Load

20′ | 40′ | 45′
In FCL (Full Container Load) shipments, your goods are loaded by our professionals to fill a standard steel cargo container for ocean shipping; the space in the container is not shared with any other party. Depending on the country your goods are being sent to, the container will be loaded right at your door and not disturbed until its arrival at your new home.

If you are moving your whole home, FCL shipping is the quickest and simplest method to ship your belongings internationally.
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Shipping pallets

Less than Container Load Shipping

If you are not transporting large shipments that are able to fill the 20′ shipping container and would like to save on shipping, we offer Less than Container Load Shipping (LCL) as well. Because you are not filling the entire container, you only pay for the space you are using within it.

In LCL shipments, your cargo is consolidated in a container with another client.

Consolidated / Shared Container Freight Shipping

Transporting your goods and vehicles has never been easier than it is today. With our shared intermodal container shipping services, we are able to provide simple solutions to ship anything you would like – from one or multiple vehicles, to your general cargo and so much overseas.

Roll-on / Roll-off International Shipping Services

When shipping vehicles internationally, we offer Roll-on / Roll-off (RORO) shipping services. RORO is efficient and is a relatively cost-effective shipping method when it comes to the international shipping of vehicles.

International Moving Destinations

In order to best facilitate your international moving experience, understanding your needs and the destination country is essential.

The size and budget of your shipment will help us tailor the perfect overseas moving experience, just for you.
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