How to Pack and Ship your Personal Belongings Internationally

Huli International Movers have highly trained packers who put the level of care that you would to put in when packing yourself. Staying up to date with the latest materials, techniques, and security is only a portion of the overseas cargo transportation services that separates Huli from other freight forwarding companies in Canada.

Professional Packing Materials

The materials we use are specifically designed for packing and for the security and protection of all of your personal belongings and household goods.

Professional Packing

We take the utmost care when packing in order to protect all of your belongings.

Items such as plates, glass, and books are wrapped in paper before strategically being placed in boxes.
packing cardboard boxer international movers
packing peanuts

Tube Packing Stemware and Delicates

When packing your glassware, fine china and other delicate items, each one is individually wrapped with paper and tissue. Corrugated cardboard tubes are sometimes also used for additional protection.

All items are packed in specially designed boxes for transport.

Packing Pictures, Mirrors, and Paintings

Pictures, mirrors, and paintings are all individually wrapped in bubble wrap. One or more pictures, mirrors, or paintings are then placed into a size adjustable box specially designed to transport these items.

How Do We Pack Certain Items?

Depending on what items you are bringing on your move, there are particular ways to optimally pack things to ensure your belongings are kept in pristine condition when they arrive.
Packing Flat screen TVs
Flat screen TVs and computer monitors are wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed inside of a specially designed box. It is then secured with polystyrene inserts for maximized security and protection.

Packing Clothes
When packing clothes, we use either a flat clothes box or a hanging Port-a-Robe box. Clothes in the flat box are packed with the arms folded inward, and they may stay on hangers. The Port-a-Robe boxes are slightly more expensive, though they reduce creases so that your clothing is ready to wear as soon as it arrives.
Packing Bicycles
If you choose to take your bikes with you, we use boxes that are specially made for bicycles for packing them. This ensures that your sporting goods are kept in pristine condition all the way to your next destination.

Packing Fragile Items
Customized special protection is given to delicate or fragile items.

Packing Furniture
Heavy-gauge plastic or moving blankets are used to best protect your furniture throughout the moving process.