International moving company

Which Transportation Documents Do I Need?

When shipping anything internationally from Canada, it is important to know what documents are required to export from your country and import in your destination country. If you have made an informed decision into a reputable international shipper, your company will help you through everything you will need through each stage of the transportation of goods. Because many of the shippers in Canada are what one may consider a “versatile shipping company”, it is important to ensure that you have chosen a company that has access to the equipment needed to ship perishable goods, and know how to ship your automobiles, household goods. A large portion of the knowledge that is being shared with you by a licensed shipping company is the ease of access to all documents needed for your move. 

As the documents needed are different for each destination, the documents cannot all be listed here. However, there are several documents that are generally required when moving internationally, depending on on the goods. These include but are not limited to:

  • Bill of lading/Air waybill
  • Special packing or marking list
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin 
  • Certificate of insurance


As we do not expect you to know all about international shipping from Canada, please feel free to contact Huli Shipping, your trusted international moving company, with any questions that you may have. We will help you navigate through the journey that you have embarked on, making it more efficient and far less stressful.

*Disclaimer: The information that we provide is to be used as a general guide and is subject to change without notice.
We recommend that you contact the appropriate authorities to verify that your information is up to date.